Frequently Asked Questions


1) What is Certifications Dumps Forum ?

Answer:- Certifications Dumps Forum is Non-Profit Forum which provide exact dumps at low cost

2) How does Certifications Dumps Forum work?

Answer:- Certifications Dumps Forum is a team of professional it IT and Software,Networking .we are a group and we work together to server you.

3) How do we provide low cost dumps?

Answer:- We divide the dumps cost in 10 or More member request for each dumps,When the amount is received we purchase the dumps from our Vendor.

4) Are we doing a bussiness ?

Answer:- No,we are non-profit forum & the amount we received we reinvest to purchase the new dumps. Hence we are not in the business.

5) What format is used for Study Guides ?

Answer:- Study Guides can be access as PDFs and downloaded on computer.

6) How long will it take for the products to be delivered to me?

Answer:- Once the paymnet is received in the A/c Then dumps will be provide to you within 24hrs.Further any delay happen will be intimated to you.

7) How is my product Guaranteed?

Answer:- The Dumps we provide are purchased from well known vendor,Further we like to inform you that dumps are just one mean to clear you exam. But if you cource and Practical are successfull then you can clear the exam.

8) How do I ask for a refund?

Answer:- In case if you don’t clear the exam you can get you 50% money back.For that you have to send your scan copy of result.